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At Unsmoke, we believe that Canada can be a smoke-free country by 2035.

But, we know that getting there is going to require work from all of us. It's going to require legislative change, access to information, and participation from Canadians just like you!

The first step towards any type of change is conversation. The more people share and talk about Unsmoke, the more change we will all be able to effect. Join our mailing list to stay a part of the conversation, and help us reach our goals. We can do this, together!

Sign up today and join your fellow Canadians who have decided to #Unsmokecanada!Inscrivez-vous dès aujourd'hui et joignez-vous autres Canadiens qui sont #Finilaboucane


The world is changing - It’s time to change with it.

It’s possible to rid Canada of cigarettes by 2035, but all of us will have to work together to get there!